Universal Disk Format

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Universal Disk Format

(storage, standard)
(UDF) A CD-ROM file system standard that is required for DVD ROMs. UDF is the OSTA's replacement for the ISO 9660 file system used on CD-ROMs, but will be mostly used on DVD. DVD multimedia disks use UDF to contain MPEG audio and video streams.

To read DVDs you need a DVD drive, the kernel driver for the drive, MPEG video support, and a UDF driver. DVDs containing both UDF filesystems and ISO 9660 filesystems can be read without UDF support.

UDF can also be used by CD-R and CD-RW recorders in packet writing mode.


(1) (Universal Disk Format) A file system for optical media developed by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA), www.osta.org, based on the ECMA 167/ISO 13346 standard. It was designed for read-write interoperability among all the major operating systems as well as compatibility between rewritable and write-once media. DVDs are based on UDF, and it is an option for CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

UDF is widely associated with "packet writing," because CD-RWs use UDF and packet writing to make them function somewhat like a hard disk. UDF is a file system like ISO 9660, and packet writing is one of three CD recording techniques (see packet writing).

UDF Bridge combines UDF and ISO 9660 for compatibility between both file systems. See ISO 9660.

(2) (User Defined Function) A routine that has been defined or programmed by the user of the system and has been included in a standard library of functions. In these cases, "user" typically means programmer, not end user.
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The PMW-300 is a welcome second camera on a shoot, shooting on Sony's familiar SxS memory cards in 50Mb MXF HD 4:2:2 in UDF format or 35Mb XDcam EX 4:2:0 similar to the EX3.
The program can locate files that have been dropped from the directory structure, a common occurrence for UDF format discs.
(Note that not all software that implements packet-writing produces UDF format.) It was hoped that Windows 98 would include the piece of software to interpret the data on packet-written discs, but there is no such software included in the new operating system for CDs that use the UDF 1.5 format specification.
According to the company, SmartDVD-Maker software supports the industry-standard DVD-ROM UDF format and allows for testing and emulation of the DVD discs.