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UML and MC organised a joint programme in Kathmandu on 22 April to commemorate Lenin's birthday and the foundation day of Nepal Communist Party.
The generating of test case from UML state charts has been implanted in [6-9].
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: section "Related works" presents approaches of checking UML models and detailed results of analysis of consistency rules.
Approaches of checking UML model consistency are compared according to the following parameters:
In this paper we discuss problems concerning building an executable C# application from UML classes and state machines.
Peace and Reconstruction State Minister - Dilli Mahat - CPN (UML)
UML lawmaker Rabindra Adhikari told reporters after the meeting that most of the speakers criticized the party leadership for "making a mockery of democracy" by inducting defeated candidates in the Cabinet.
This approach introduces the concept how to model the reliability using UML deployment diagram and then transform it to reliability modelling tool such as SHARPE tool (Leangsuksun et al., 2003).
The UML was critical to the development of Block 10.2 applications also known as the Multi-intelligence core, which processes the data resident in the DIB.