Universal Product Code

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Universal Product Code:

see barcodebarcode,
computer coding system that uses a printed pattern of lines and bars to identify such things as products, mail and packages, and customer accounts; the term also is used for similar coding systems that do not use bar-based patterns.
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universal product code

[¦yü·nə¦vər·səl ′präd·əkt ‚kōd]
(computer science)
A 10-digit bar code on the outside of a package for electronic scanning at supermarket checkout counters; each digit is represented by the ratio of the widths of adjacent stripes and white areas.
The corresponding combinations of binary digits into which the scanned bars are converted for computer processing that provides continuously updated inventory data and printout of the register tape at the checkout counter.
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Marsh is a regional supermarket, and the size was conducive to run such an undertaking and an aggressive test for NCR with the UPC bar code scan," says Marsh v.
They scan a variation of the UPC bar code, however.
com) of New York City, has manufactured or has manufactured for it, and has used or actively induced others to use, and has offered for sale and sold, technology which allows customers to use a built-in UPC bar code scanner to scan individual items and access information, such as movies, music, comparison-shopping, information services and ring tones.
Consumers simply scan the UPC bar code located on the product, right out of the refrigerator or in the pantry.
Items are listed for sale by typing in an ISBN or UPC bar code number, selecting the condition for that item and confirming the sale price at no more than half off list price.
com will offer consumers the opportunity to search for product specific information and shop for products by entering any UPC bar code number.
This system uses McKesson Z-CodesTM which are like UPC bar codes for MDx teststo uniquely identify each molecular diagnostics (MDx) test.
based GS1 US - a global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally - was the news that companies using Data Driver, GS1's online bar-coding solution, have generated 3 million UPC bar codes as of last month.
Proponents of GS1 DataBar symbols stress that the technology can carry more information and identify small items than UPC bar codes and can enable Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) identification for such hard-to-mark products as loose produce, jewelry and cosmetics.
The QR bar codes, designed to store significantly more data than traditional UPC bar codes, are being added to the Denver-based REIT's print advertising, marketing collateral, Web site pages and apartment community locations.
Christine Miller, packaging manager and a member of the Leatherman marketing team, says that its Paragon automatic labeling system applies both Sensormatic and Checkpoint security labels as well as UPC bar codes and literature inserts.
They believe the sinister number 666 is encoded in our nation's banking system, in our medical and governmental records, and in our very identity, in personal documents and in UPC bar codes -- this latter is evidence of the fulfillment of Revelation prophecy," he says.