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UPenn is home to a fine arts collection that includes the highly regarded UPenn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, along with 18 libraries that are home to a voluminous rare book collection.
She's concentrating on raising money for UPenn's research, while hoping to attract major philanthropic donors to pay for more clinical trials there and elsewhere.
We then selected random samples from our 21 repeat samples, and for each subset of perturbed loci we replaced the values of each locus with a value for the same locus drawn randomly from the cohort of 207 UPenn samples.
MacCarthy, spokesperson for the University of Pennsylvania ( UPenn).
Michael Greenberg and his colleagues at UPenn have examined the biochemical and mechanical properties of the mutant myosin protein.
The 10-day course, put on by professionals from UPenn in conjunction with the Army, is designed to equip Soldiers with the skills needed to teach other Soldiers how to better weather traumatic events--be they money problems, relationship problems or the horrors of combat.
of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Philadelphia, have developed a new technique that allows them to align isolated carbon nanotubes in a gel, creating a new material exhibiting crystal-like properties.
Supply Chain Management: Creating Competitive Advantage Sponsor: University of Pennsylvania Dates: March 10-15, 2002 Venue: Philadelphia Cost: $6,650, includes meals and accommodations Contact: UPenn at (800) 255-3932 ext.
The Sigma Nu fraternity at UPenn, which Robert sponsored when he lived in Philadelphia, made buttons saying simply, ROBERT, which they sold to raise funds to bring Robert back to the States.
Yahya, who has two weeks to make up her mind on which university she will pick, said, "I have received acceptance letters from Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell (Ivy League schools), Stanford, Berkeley, Duke, John Hopkins, Barnard College of Columbia and UCLA in the US and Cambridge, London School of Economics, Kings College, Durham and UCL in the UK."
An online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree made its debut in UPenn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies.
The victim identified as Blaze Bernstein is a sophomore from California and a student at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).