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(Universal Plug aNd Play) A family of protocols that enables data transfer between computers, mobile devices and A/V equipment. Introduced in 1999 by the UPnP Forum (www.upnp.org), UPnP provides automatic discovery of devices in an IP network (see SSDP). It is widely used to stream music to playback devices (see DLNA).

Supporting quality of service, which prioritizes transmission (see QoS), UPnP is also used in security camera, lighting, heating and air conditioning applications.

Automatic IP Assignment
UPnP can assign an IP address to a device if it does not already have one and no DHCP server is available in the network to assign one (see DHCP and IP address).

UPnP vs. Zeroconf
UPnP is similar to Zeroconf, a zero configuration technology implemented in Apple's Bonjour software and by others. UPnP and Zeroconf both provide service discovery and IP assignment but use different protocols (see Zeroconf and link-local address).

Port Forwarding (Port Mapping)
UPnP has been used to open ports in a router to let a party from the outside world contact a user inside the network. For example, opening ports for voice and video calling facilitates two-way communications no matter which side initiates the call. See TCP/IP port.

UPnP Is Not PnP
Although related in concept because they both provide automatic configuration of devices, UPnP is not the same as PnP (see Plug and Play).
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Some would assert that preventing IP address spoofing is sufficient to prevent Dos attacks [6] [7], but it is simply impossible to ensure that all UPnP device users install BCP38 (Best Current Practice).
However, due to the fact that these implementations present multiple vulnerabilities in various structural elements of UPnP, there are plenty of cases that these can be attacked resulting DoS [36], Stack overflows [37] and unexpected behaviour [38].
[12] also proposed media cloud, a middleware for set-top boxes that classifies, searches for, and delivers multimedia content inside home networks and across any cloud that interoperates with UPnP and DLNA.
It also serves as the primary DMC for any number of DLNA and UPnP clients on a network, allowing multi-user controls and shifting of local, remote or cloud content sources like Flickr, TED Talks, SHOUTcast, Revision 3 and Facebook.
UPnP defines an architecture for peer-to-peer network connectivity of intelligent appliances, wireless devices, and PCs.
The company has integrated PacketVideo's Twonky application into the device to offer users a seamless experience for digital media sharing on compatible home and mobile devices, according to Vodafone, which said that the application supports multiple standards including DLNA standards, UpNP and proprietary protocols.
Other features include VGA video recording at 30fps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology.
Network Discovery Services are enhanced with new Bonjour support offering zero-configuration networking for HTTP, SAMBA, FTP, AFP, and SSH based networks, and full UPnP support.
<p>Iomega also included the Apple File Protocol on the updated NAS drive, enabling file-sharing for Mac users.<p>The Iomega StorCenter ix2 for home users comes with built-in support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Digital Living Network Alliance-certified devices, so it can store and play back multimedia files -- music, photos, videos and other digital content -- from PCs and laptops as well as from Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.
In addition the device can be connected via uPnP with home network computers, enabling the user to listen to their music via home audio entertainment systems.
Other Internet services such as port-forwarding, static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DMZ, UPnP and Dynamic DNS are all supported by Mushroom Networks' TRUFFLE product.