URI scheme

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URI scheme

An application-level protocol used to obtain resources on the Internet. Following are some of the common URI schemes, all of which ride over TCP/IP. See URI and URL.

URI SCHEMEPrefix   To gain access to

 http:    Web server
 https:   secure Web server
 ftp:     file server
 im:      instant messaging
 itms:    iTunes streaming

 news:    Usenet newsgroups
 nntp:    Usenet newsgroups

 mailto:  send email (SMTP)
 imap:    IMAP mailbox
 pop:     POP mailbox

 sip:     voice over IP (VoIP)
 sips:    secure VoIP
 h323:    H.323 videoconference

 ldap:    directory request
 telnet:  run program

 nfs:     network file system
 wais:    WAIS server
 gopher:  Gopher server

 file:    local file on host
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Among URI schemes and Universal Resource Name (URN) namespaces, urn:fdc was found to best fulfill the requirements of simple assignment and global resolution for distributed systems (though others schemes or namespaces may be used in particular cases).
An Internet draft for the INFO URI scheme was first published Sept.