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address bar

The input field in a Web browser that is used to locate a website or start a search. After typing a URL into the address bar and pressing Enter, the home page of the site is retrieved. If the URL of a specific page or document is entered, that item is delivered instead of the home page. Also called an "address field" or "URL bar."

Alt-D or Command-L for Desktop Browsers
Go to the address bar quickly by pressing Alt-D or Control-L in Windows or Command-L in the Mac.

Address Bars and Search Boxes Merged
Early browsers had separate fields for the address bar and queries. Today, all browsers have only one input field and automatically detect a URL from a search. At most, the user has to click a results list one more time. See search box, address and URL.

An Early Browser
In this early Firefox example, the address bar and search box were separate. See favicon.

All Merged Today
In modern browsers, such as this Chrome example, the address and search bars are one input field. If a URL is entered, the site is retrieved. If a company name is typed in, the company is the first result in the list and requires another click or tap to retrieve its website.
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'In my proof-of-concept, I've just screenshotted Chrome's URL bar on the HSBC website, then inserted that into this webpage.
To get the proper desktop site just press and hold the reload arrow in the URL bar. You'll get the option to load the desktop site here.
Tapping a tile for, say, Reddit opens a screen-filling page with no borders or URL bar at the top.
You can still access a webpage by typing into the URL bar (the address bar at the top of your browser) the corresponding IP for that webpage.
"During this spam attack users were tricked into pasting and executing malicious javascript in their browser URL bar causing them to unknowingly share this offensive content," the Telegraph quoted a Facebook spokesman, as saying.
'malicious' javascript in their browser URL bar, this led them to unknowingly
Pharming can be difficult to detect because the spoofed site often appears identical or very similar to the true site and because the address bar (also known as the location bar or URL bar) of the victim's browser shows the true site's URL, even when he or she is on the spoofed site.
For instance, for IE 7, the URL bar turns green if it detects irregularities.
<p>Security settings<p>Security can be defined through the normal Tools > Options menu or by typing "about:config" in the URL bar. The latter option opens up hundreds of behind-the-scenes settings, similar to what might only be found among the registry settings of other browsers.
For example, should Federal Express adopt the system, it would enable users to input "FedEx" followed by a tracking number into their URL bar in their browser and be taken directly to the relevant part on FedEx's site - akin to typing a query into a company's own search engine.
"For a link such as, the URL bar would display, and this is exactly where the problem arises, because the URL bar doesn't display the full URL, and this not only happens in case of popular search engine websites but also with other websites," Khan said.