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Status of biotic inventories in US national parks. Biological Conservation 71:97-106.
He was driving south on the George Washington Memorial Parkway--which is on US National Park land--on the evening of November 17 when he stopped his Jeep Grand Cherokee in a driving lane and was struck from behind by a Toyota Corolla.
The vacation includes two annual passes to all US National Parks and recreational lands for one year, two round trip tickets for air travel with carbon offsets plus USD1,000 cash.
TREKKING US NATIONAL PARKS Exodus (0845 863 9601) offers a 16-day tour ex-Gatwick July 26, with highlights incl Grand Canyon, cliff dwellings of Anasazi Indians, Yosemite.
In six years, Bluewater Network has led the successful effort to ban two-stroke marine engines, rid almost all US National Parks of snowmobiles and jetskis, convinced the EPA to regulate air pollution from ships, helped ban the gasoline additive MTBE in California, and led the environmental community in a historic fight to reduce global warming pollution from cars and light trucks.
In the writing style and superb color photography that National Geographic is known for, the guide describes places--or just times of the day or year in some cases--in US national parks that are rarely visited.
THE bears are protected in US National Parks and many have lost their fear of humans and will beg for food by the road.
On April 27, BWN achieved a near-total victory in its campaign to remove snowmobiles from US National Parks. An editorial in the April 20 Son Francisco Examiner declared: "We are indebted to the Earth Island Institute's Bluewater Network ...

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