USB key

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USB key

(1) Another term for a flash memory-based USB drive. See USB drive.

(2) A flash memory-based USB drive that is used to identify and authenticate a user. See authentication token.

(3) A hardware key that plugs into a USB port on the computer in order to identify a registered user of software. See hardware key.

(4) A receiver, transmitter or transceiver for wireless signals that plugs into a USB port on the computer. Including a built-in antenna, it is used to communicate with wireless mice, keyboards, media hubs and other devices.

A Wireless Receiver
This USB key receives signals from a Microsoft wireless mouse. It juts out from the port so little that it can be left plugged in all the time.
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has launched Secure-K Personal Edition, a mobile device with double encryption enclosed in an operating system in a USB key with military level security, the company said.
India, March 14 -- As it continues to look for alternatives to passwords, Google has developed data-encrypted rings and small USB keys that can be used to log in to a computer or an online account.
Available from Dane-Elec's distribution network, the DURACELL Small USB key comes with a five-year guarantee and is priced at GBP6.
It depends on your audience and the focus of the event Here are some examples of nonplastic green gifts items: eco thumb drives, eco folders, blankets, metal water bottles, coffee mugs, USB keys, recycled paper journals or notebooks, recycled glass awards.
com/uk) We will happily wager this as the smallest USB key around.
You just need to load up a USB key with your files and access them easily on another PC at your destination.
The patent-pending design of the LifeStudio Plus family provides the ultimate in flexibility with an integrated 4GB USB key, which provides a quick way to sync important files and folders for grab nEoACAO go ease.
The Ironclad USB key includes technology to securely run the operating system directly from the flash drive, therefore users can plug the key into almost any computer in the world and have instant access to their own personal desktop and files--all without their files ever touching the hard drive of the borrowed computer (which translates into never leaving a trace on the 'borrowed' computer).
Plugging a USB key into the Blue& Me port allows eco: Drive to record information about your driving style.
Steganos surveyed 120 consumers in America and Britain, asking them about how they protect their privacy online, including their use of encryption, and how they protect their data in transit via email or USB key.
The Gatekeeper Pico, which packs 12 security applications into a USB key for full internet protection wherever you connect, beat seven other finalists to be recognized by viewers as one of the hottest gadgets of 2008, right behind the Apple iPhone 3G and Nintendo's Wii Fit which came in first and second place.
New methods can be uploaded via the USB key, and data can be downloaded in the same way.