USB turntable

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USB turntable

A phonograph turntable that is used to convert tracks on vinyl records into a digital format such as CD audio or MP3. With a built-in phono preamp and analog-to-digital converter, the USB turntable converts the cartridge's analog signal to digital PCM and sends it to the computer via USB. Software in the computer converts the PCM into the required format.

Do It Yourself
The USB turntable makes it convenient for consumers to convert vinyl collections, but music enthusiasts can connect their own turntables to the computer's sound card. However, a phono preamp is required in the middle to boost the cartridge signal and provide the RIAA equalization normally found in amplifiers and receivers with a phono input (see phono preamp). See turntable, PCM, cassette ripping and VHS ripping.

One of the First USB Turntables
In early 2006, Ion Audio ( pioneered the USB turntable to make it easy to rip vinyl records to MP3 and other digital formats. The red/white RCA plugs provide analog stereo output, enabling the turntable to be used a standard record player in a hi-fi system.

From Vinyl to Flash Cards
In this LP 2 Flash model from Ion Audio, users can convert directly to an SD Card. The MP3 ripping software and the A/D conversion are built into the turntable. (Image courtesy of Ion Audio LLC,
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