United States Coast Guard Academy

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United States Coast Guard Academy,

at New London, Conn.; for training young men and women to be officers of the U.S. Coast Guard; established 1876, opened 1877 as United States Revenue Cutter Service School of Instruction, took its present name in 1915. The academy, differing from the other federal service academies, gains its candidates through a nationwide competition. There are no congressional appointments or geographical quotas. Each applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 22. A cadet's education consists of military and academic instruction, including professional training at sea. Cadets receive full scholarships to the academy as well as pay and allowances. Upon graduation they are appointed ensigns in the U.S. Coast Guard.


See I. Crump, Our United States Coast Guard Academy (1961).

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He is a member of the Unites States Naval Institute, Surface Navy Association, USCG Academy Alumni Association, National Eagle Scout Association, and Emergency Management Association of Texas.
Coast Guard (USCG) is acquiring the SIG AIR Pro Force P229 airsoft pistol to be used for training with USCG Academy cadets and Guardsmen.
* USCG Academy graduates now have the opportunity to obtain a domesticonly merchant mariner credential endorsement as a master of less than 100 Gross Tons upon near coastal waters;
Judith Youngman, Professor of Political Science at the USCG Academy; and RADM Crowley, the Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel of the USCG.
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