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Since 1975, the USENIX Association has provided a forum for the communication of the results of innovation and research in Unix and modern open systems. It is well known for its technical conferences, tutorial programs, and the wide variety of publications it has sponsored over the years.

USENIX is the original not-for-profit membership organisation for individuals and institutions interested in Unix and Unix-like systems, by extension, X, object-oriented technology, and other advanced tools and technologies, and the broad interconnected and interoperable computing environment.

USENIX's activities include an annual technical conference; frequent specific-topic conferences and symposia; a highly regarded tutorial program covering a wide range of topics, introductory through advanced; numerous publications, including a book series, in cooperation with The MIT Press, on advanced computing systems, proceedings from USENIX symposia and conferences, the quarterly journal "Computing Systems", and the biweekly newsletter; "login: "; participation in various ANSI, IEEE and ISO standards efforts; sponsorship of local and special technical groups relevant to Unix. The chartering of SAGE, the System Administrators Guild as a Special Technical Group within USENIX is the most recent.

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(USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA, Known officially as the Advanced Computing Systems Association, it is a non-profit, membership group of engineers, scientists, technicians and systems professionals founded in 1975. USENIX sponsors workshops and conferences, student programs and awards.

The USENIX Special Interest Group for Sysadmins, formerly System Administrators Guild (SAGE), is a high-profile, technical sub-group of USENIX members devoted to the professional development of system administrators. For more information, visit
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Less widely reported was another paper presented in August 2011 at the USENIX Security Symposium by a group of researchers from the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Washington", "Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces." In this study, the researchers looked, in part, at the various means by which a car's electronics network can be accessed.
The scientists wanted to publish their paper at the respected Usenix Security Symposium in Washington DC this month but the court has imposed an interim injunction.
The scientists wanted to publish their paper at the well-respected Usenix Security Symposium in Washington DC in August, but the court has imposed an interim injunction.