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see Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR), Rus. Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik, former republic. It was established in 1922 and dissolved in 1991. The Soviet Union was the first state to be based on Marxist socialism (see also Marxism; communism).
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In the late 1970s and 1980s, he was a Secretary in the USSR Embassy in Angola, followed by the Embassy in Mozambique.
Due to the long standing relations between Syria and Belarus since the USSR days, several Syrians pursued higher studies in Belarus and currently teach in its universities, which led to the emergence of a Syrian community in Russia that is active in the country's political and cultural life.
Instead, he includes all citizens of the USSR who died during the war, including millions of Ukrainians, Belarusians, and others.
ENGLAND 3 USSR 1, 21 May 1991 - A mere 23,789 turned up at Wembley to watch a comfortable England win in the last game between the sides before the USSR briefly became the CIS.
For years, Denisyuk was isolated in the USSR, but with the relaxation of perestroika he was allowed to travel and became a regular visitor to the west, appearing at and indeed being honorary chair of many holographic conferences, where he was feted and sought out.
Ten greatest Olympians of all time by the amount of medals won 1 Larissa Latynina (above) 18 medals, 9 gold USSR, gymnastics 2 Nikolay Andrianov 15 medals, 7 gold USSR, gymnastics 3 Boris Shakhlin 13 medals, 7 gold USSR, gymnastics 4 Edoardo Mangiarotti 13 medals, 6 gold Italy, fencing 5 Takashi Ono 13 medals, 5 gold Japan, gymnastics 6 Paavo Nurmi 12 medals, 9 gold Finland, track and field 7 Sawao Kato 12 medals, 8 gold Japan, gymnastics 8 Alexei Nemov 12 medals, 4 gold Russia, gymnastics 9 Mark Spitz 11 medals, 9 gold USA, swimming 10 Matt Biondi 11 medals, 8 gold USA, swimming
I am tired of hearing that Ronald Reagan brought down the USSR, the Berlin Wall and communism.
In 1978 He participated in a three-man exchange with the USSR under the US/USSR Cultural Exchange treaty on the Environment.
If it is offered to suggest America and the USSR had equally sordid rap sheets, it fails.
And then came Armageddon--the XXth Olympiad at Munich, West Germany in 1972, the USSR vs the US.
The USSR ultimately collapsed through Mikhail Gorbachev's similarly misguided notion that a sclerotic and largely discredited system could somehow survive political and social renovation.