An Internet provider, part of the Unipalm Group. PIPEX launched their Internet service in March 1992, and by November 1993 provided Internet service to 150 customer sites in the UK. Each site is either a complete commercial company or a branch of one, or a public-sector organisation. They provide a commercial internetworking service, with 24-hour support, and a resilient backbone with multiple international links. PIPEX provides for individual users through their "PIPEX Dial" service, and has a number of re-sellers connected to its backbone, including CityScape, Direct Connection and the IBM PC User Group, who also offer such services.


E-mail: <support@pipex.net>.

Address (Head office): Cambridge ?

Address: King St. London EC2V(?)
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"It was a glitch with our registration agent Uunet Pipex, which meant some names, not just ours, appeared to be up for sale, but nobody could have bought it."
"If you'd said a year ago that an average home user could be on the Net at 56Kbps, people would probably have accused you of being mad--but the future seems to keep arriving ahead of schedule," said Paul Rivers, technical director at UUNET PIPEX a leading Internet service provider in the United Kingdom.
Page One Communications has worked with three Internet Service Providers to deliver an e-page which effectively means that Minicall pager users will be alerted through their pager every time an e-mail is sent to their PC via UUNET PIPEX dial, VirginNet and Unet service providers.
The current top threeare: U-Net (01925 484444); SAQ Network Services (0800 801 514); UUNET Pipex Dial (0500 474 739).