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the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays; in the range 0.4 × 10--6 and 1 × 10--8 metres


Pertaining to ultraviolet radiation. Abbreviated UV.


(1) See ultraviolet light.

(2) A cloud-based storage locker for licensed content from the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (see DECE). Under the Digital HD brand, purchases of Blu-ray discs with redeemable coupons and purchases of movies and TV shows (not rental) from participating online retailers entitles users to keep their content in the UltraViolet cloud and stream or download it as required.

Depending on the retailer's agreement, content might be sharable with friends and family, and parental access can be applied. A physical disc may also be obtainable. See Digital HD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and media locker.
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The results exhibit the values of experimental UV radiation that mostly coincide with power trendline values.
Along with gathering field samples and reports from fishermen, the researchers plan further study on the link between the blue protein and UV radiation.
m]) of PP and PPOx samples before and after exposure to UV radiation were reported before (12).
Nubbins were maintained without UV radiation in the aquaria of the laboratory of the Centre Scientifique de Monaco.
Dr Busby, director of independent environmental consultancy Green Audit, warned that UV radiation damages the p53 gene, which repairs DNA and protects cells in the body.
The organisation also pointed out that water was very good at reflecting rather than absorbing UV radiation, meaning rays bounce off snow and ice in all directions, penetrating even thick clouds and fog.
Photoageing occurs when UV radiation adds to the natural ageing process.
Exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to skin over time and potentially increase the risk of skin cancer.
The lamps are available in the same range of dimensions and configurations as the existing Heraeus NN series of low pressure lamps, with arc lengths up to 150cm, and emit UV radiation in a narrow band, peaking at 254nm, with no ozone generation.
Decreasing amounts of stratospheric ozone that partially protects the earth's surface from receiving cancer-producing UV radiation.
For the first time, it also stretched over populated areas, exposing local residents to extreme levels of solar UV radiation.