ubiquitous computing

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ubiquitous computing

Computers everywhere. Making many computers available throughout the physical environment, while making them effectively invisible to the user. Ubiquitous computing is held by some to be the Third Wave of computing. The First Wave was many people per computer, the Second Wave was one person per computer. The Third Wave will be many computers per person. Three key technical issues are: power consumption, user interface, and wireless connectivity.

The idea of ubiquitous computing as invisible computation was first articulated by Mark Weiser in 1988 at the Computer Science Lab at Xerox PARC.

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The four workshops held during the January 2006 symposium explain the state of the art in the deployment of IPv6 technologies, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, next generation service platforms for future mobile systems, and ubiquitous networking and enablers to context-aware services.
The module is expected to help speed up and expand establishment of ubiquitous networking environments inside and outside the home to make secure and easy-to-use home networking available to anyone,'' it said.
Founded in 1995 to improve business and lifestyle with emerging technologies, AlphaOmega Soft is a developer of products and services for data storage, IP voice and video, and ubiquitous networking applications.
Junichi Kishida, Senior Manager of the File Memory Marketing & Promotion, Memory Division at Toshiba's Semiconductor Company said, "In the rapidly growing mobile Internet market and the emerging ubiquitous networking industry, the five companies' standardization of MC Extension Standard is expected to enhance distribution of e-commerce-based services and contents, and to support development of new markets and applications.
Working with ARM allows us to deliver on the promise of an integrated platform that enables ubiquitous networking and makes services easily accessible to consumers, anytime and anywhere.
The Awards comprise eight categories and the MobileLink Service received 4 awards for outstanding achievement in ICT: the Best Ubiquitous Networking Grand Award, Best Ubiquitous Networking (Mobile Enterprise Solution) Gold Award, Best Ubiquitous Networking (Mobile Infotainment Application) Silver Award and Best Lifestyle (Social Life & Community Stream) Silver Award.
This will help carriers realize a ubiquitous networking society that ensures end-users have access to mobile broadband applications and on-line multimedia content.
Chairman of Free Mobility Project, Professor of The University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of The University of Tokyo, and Director of YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory.
With a view to the up-coming ubiquitous networking society, Konica Minolta is actively pursuing new technologies in the field of imaging that will lead to the creation of future businesses on the basis of its core technologies - materials, optical, nano-fabrication and imaging.
We are committed to the continued evolution of Ethernet, allowing the world's most ubiquitous networking technology to meet the growing demands of today's data centers.
In the years ahead Renesas Technology will continue to make an important contribution to the emergence of ubiquitous networking by offering an ever broader array of advanced SiP products as SIP solutions.
In addition, the 2004 Forum touched on several aspects of access networks, including ubiquitous networking, ambient networks, mobile MAN and network security.

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