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(The Teacher), a Russian pedagogical journal, published semimonthly in St. Petersburg from 1861 to 1870. Uchitel’ was founded and edited by the progressive educators of the 1860’s: I. I. Paul’son and N. Kh. Vessel’. It advocated the establishment of a democratic system of public education that would include general schools for training in the humanities and the natural sciences and that would provide instruction in the pupils’ native tongue. The journal stressed that attention should be given to the child’s personality. It also supported the raising of the social and material status of teachers and the improvement of their scholarly and practical training.

Uchitel’ published reviews and bibliographies of pedagogical literature and children’s books and information about foreign schools and pedagogical conventions; it also published a pedagogical newsletter. Authors who contributed to the journal included such prominent educators as P. P. Redkin, V. P. Ostrogorskii, V. I. Vodovozov, and F. G. Toll’.

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I knew that "Monsieur le Comte" would take no notice of me when we met at dinner, as also that the General would not dream of introducing us, nor of recommending me to the "Comte." However, the latter had lived awhile in Russia, and knew that the person referred to as an "uchitel" is never looked upon as a bird of fine feather.
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(International sales: Teleshow, Moscow.) Produced by Konstantin Ernst, Alexander Maksimov, Ignor Simonov, Alexey Uchitel. Executive producers, Yelena Bystrova, Valery Vdovchenkov, Vladislav Mayevsky.
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