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(1) (Unified Display Interface) A digital interface from the United Display Interface SIG that is designed to replace the analog VGA interface common on CRTs and flat panel monitors. UDI is expected to provide backward compatibility with DVI and HDMI interfaces. Intended for use on computers as well as consumer electronics devices, UDI supports HDCP digital rights management. See DVI and HDMI.

(2) (Uniform Driver Interface) A standard programming interface for writing device drivers for Unix operating systems. Supported by SCO, HP, IBM, Sun and others, once a driver is written to the UDI standard, it can be compiled in and used with each respective version of Unix. Drivers are complex pieces of code, which normally have to be written for each operating system. Providing a common way to write Unix drivers helps unify the Unix community.



one of the unwritten Dagestan languages of the Lezgin group.

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He cited the following supply chain benefits that UDI yields for the company:
'The chetezo helps to burn the udi, which brings a good smell in one's house.
The free must read guide, co-authored by Steve Cottrell, President at Maetrics and Madris Tomes, Founder and CEO of Device Events, focuses on the current landscape of UDI and the benefit of early compliance.
The segment that seems to be experiencing the greatest amount of UDI pain is the mid-sized manufacturer.
During the time the FDA was working on the UDI rule, there were a number of notable recalls of medical devices due to problems the agency believes it could have identified sooner if UDI had been in place.
This draft guidance defines some terms used in the Agency's regulations pertaining to the UDI direct marking requirements, including how FDA interprets the term "reprocessed" as used in 21 CFR 801.45.
Once the new UDI system is fully implemented, women will be able to ask for their device's specific UDI number when they get the device.
Encontram-se testemunhos mais precisos sobre os udis na "Historia do Pais de Aluank" do autor local Moises Kalankatuatsi (em udi: kala: grande; katu: povoamento) o qual viveu no seculo VII e, segundo suas proprias palavras, pertenceu ao cla dos udis e evoca o fundador mitico das tribos albanesas ao personagem biblico Aran: "De [seu] filho, nasceram as tribos dos udi, dos gardman, dos tsavdeysk e dos gargar" (Movses Dasxuranc'i 1961).
UniA[sup.3]n DemA[sup.3]crata Independiente (UDI) and RenovaciA[sup.3]n Nacional (RN), the parties in the coalition, have different ideas on who would be a worthy opponent to former president Michelle Bachelet, who represents the Socialists and is running to lead the country again after winning her primaries with an overwhelming 74 percent of the votes.
Boulder Brands will establish a subsidiary company in the U.K., Boulder Brands UK, and will look to introduce its Udi's Gluten Free Foods brand later this year.