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(Coal), a monthly scientific and industrial journal of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR and the Central Board of the Scientific and Technical Mining Society. The journal was first published in Kharkov in 1925 as Ugol’ i zhelezo (Coal and Iron) and was given the title Ugol’ in 1930. It has been published in Moscow since 1938.

Ugol’ carries articles on major aspects of the exploitation of coal deposits, explains advances in mining science and technology, and examines questions of the quality of coals, coal processing, mine surveying, mining geology, safety measures, industrial hygiene, and environmental protection. It also discusses problems of, for example, economics, management, and organization of production and labor in the coal industry. Circulation, 18,500 (1976).

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But the lamatai, the part of man which upon death begins an uncertain ghostly existence, and is always on the lookout for wandering souls (lingu), in the case of a slain victim was widely believed to have been transformed into the ghostly ugol, a monstrous creature roaming the land on rainy days (adau raai), troubling people it meets, and even devouring them (ngololou, makan jilamd).
Company director Will Crawford said a visit to the Ugol Rossi Mining Show in Novokuznetsk in June enabled them to explore opportunities in the mining sector in Russia.
We doubt that SDS Ugol is able to make such a pricy acquisition, as Ras- padskaya CEO Gennady Kozovoy wants a cash-only deal.
The notion of serious work is a departure from the momentary "judgment of experts" and most importantly, the traditional place for icons ("krasnyi ugol") depicting the Mother of God, is imphed in Pushkin's choice of words for his dwelling.
Those people allegedly beaten and detained include Ukel Uguak Ugol, Garang Chol Ludo, Uchu Apar, Sultan Akol Ajonga Mawut, Mawut Lueth, and Uchan Ubar just to name but few, he said.
She will report to Marc Ugol, senior vice president of Human Resources.
Stalin was born in the Caucasus where Prometheus was chained to a rock in Aeschuylus's play--the 1933 Epigram had also recalled this heritage when it called Stalin the gorets (mountain-man) in the Kremlin-- but at the time the Ode was written, it was Mandelstam--not Stalin--who was enchained, and the ugol' (coal or charcoal) with which Mandelstam draws "in cunning angles [na khitrye ugly]"--Prometheus was a master of cunning--is also the fire that the Titan stole in defiance of Zeus.
All the coal is produced by Ugol and 97% of its output comes from the Angren lignite field in Tashkent region.
In his collection of three detective novellas Ne zagoniaite v ugol prokurora (Don't Back the District Attorney into a Corner) he presents two of them: Inspector Frize (in the title story) and Inspector Panin (in "Tretii Dubl" [The Third Double]): both are hard-working, hard-nosed, and neurotic (a characteristic of most detectives ever since Dostoevsky's Porfiry Petrovitch), with women and/or family problems.
In addition, NLMK has a negative track record of coal acquisitions (Prokopyevsk Ugol) and knows very well that a strong professional management team is essential in coal mining (taking into account that Raspadskaya's key management will likely leave after the sale) and that it would bear significant execution and operational risks with Raspadskaya.