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see South African WarSouth African War
or Boer War,
1899–1902, war of the South African Republic (Transvaal) and the Orange Free State against Great Britain. Background
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die Uitlanders as volg op: "(1) Die tydperk wat 'n vreemdeling in die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek moet inwoon voordat hy volle stemreg kan kry, is langer as in die ander state van Suid-Afrika; (2) Die Uitlanders het geen verteenwoordiging in die Eerste Volksraad nie; (3) Naturalisasie en die verkryging van volle stemreg in die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek vind nie gelyktydig plaas nie; (4) Die eed van naturalisasie van die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek bevat ook die afswering van vroeare onderdaanskap." Gebaseer op hierdie lys besware het Milner, volgens Jacobs "met die onmoontlike eis vorendag gekom dat volle stemreg gegee moes word aan alle vreemdelinge wat vyf jaar of langer in die land woonagtig was en aan die gewone voorwaardes voldoen het."
The Uitlander community contained many inequalities including those of wealth, social background and length of experience in South Africa.
Within the Boer Republics, there was intensive immigration of non-Boer, usually male Europeans, Uitlanders ('foreigners'), who managed the mines' financial and engineering apparatus.
He rejected the second consideration, the claims of injustice towards the British and other foreigners in the Transvaal, the 'Uitlanders'.
Die verskillende beleweniswerelde van die horendes en die dowes, die kunstenaars en die massas, die uitlanders en die SuidAfrikaners kontekstualiseer ook die ervaring by die leser van die saambestaan van twee werelde.
In "Spoor" duik seksuele molestering weer op; die ek-verteller, Rita, is die objek van begeerte van Marco, die "uitlander".
I have just heard that the Dynamite factory at Johannesburg has been blown up and 100 men, women and children killed [in fact, this happened on April 24th]; if this is so, it will have a most serious effect on the Boers, who are naturally superstitious; they manufactured their shells and powder there; I would not be a bit surprised if Kruger does not put every English resident in the Transvaal over the Border as he is sure to blame the poor Uitlander for the blowing up of the Factory.(11)
One of the other mounted units in Dundonald's brigade was the South African Light Horse (SALH), a regiment recruited entirely from Uitlanders driven out of the Transvaal at the start of the war, who were inclined to take revenge on the Boers by looting whenever the opportunity offered.
While this enriched the previously impoverished Transvaal republic, the massive influx of wealth and foreigners (Uitlanders) created economic, political and diplomatic problems for the Boers.
British party and popular politics sharpened over the rights of "natives" and "Asiatics" as well as "uitlanders" and "Boers," with opponents and supporters of the war facing each other in the streets as well as in press and parliament.