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a city under republic jurisdiction in the Komi ASSR. Situated on the hilly banks of the Ukhta River and its tributary the Chib’iu River (Pechora River basin). Railroad station on the Kotlas-Vorkuta line. Population, 78,000 (1976; 3,000 in 1939, 36,000 in 1959,63,000 in 1970).

Founded in 1931 as the settlement Chib’iu, Ukhta became a city in 1943. It is the center of the republic’s oil and natural gas industries, and its leading enterprise is an oil refinery. The city also has a machine shop, a machine repair shop, a furniture factory, a building-materials enterprise, and a food-processing enterprise. Ukhta is the location of the Pechora Petroleum Scientific Research and Planning Institute, an industrial institute, and branches of all-Union scientific research institutes for natural gas and pipeline construction. The city also has a mining and petroleum technicum, a timber technology technicum, and a railroad transport technicum.


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a river in the Komi ASSR, a left tributary of the Izhma River of the Pechora River basin. The Ukhta is 199 km long and drains an area of 4,510 sq km. It originates in the Timan Ridge. The river is fed by mixed sources, but primarily by snow. High water occurs from April to June. The average flow rate 13 km from the mouth is 48.9 cu m per sec. The river freezes over in late October or in November; the ice breaks up in late April or in May. The Ukhta is used for timber flotation. The city of Ukhta is located on the river.

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Ukhty (Ukhta Museum of the History of Public Health), see Charlotte Sophie Kiihlbrandt, "Rereading the Gulag through Medicine: Ukhta 1929-1955" (MPhil diss.
The tycoon is seen in this exclusive 1984 picture loyally celebrating the Soviet May Day festivities with friends in his remote home town of Ukhta, close to the Arctic Circle.
Attended Industrial Institute in city of Ukhta in Komi,before being drafted into Soviet army.
When members of Russia's Memorial Society visited the Ukhta Archives, they were met on arrival by the local FSB (Federal Security Service), which has replaced the KGB.
The Yamal project, which included completion of Bovanenkovo field's development, was accelerated together with work on completing a pipeline from this field to Gazprom's network at Ukhta.
As an example, one 16-year-old in the L'govo colony, Riazan' oblast, interviewed in 2007, had been brought from Ukhta in the Komi Republic--a distance of well over 1,000 kilometers.
A gas pipeline running from Bovanenkovo to Ukhta on the European side of Russia is under construction.
In Russia the company operates four large refineries at Perm, Volgograd, Ukhta and Nizhny Novgorod.
Fifty five railway wagons filled with oil ordered by a firm for delivery from Abramovich's home town, Ukhta, northern Russia to Moscow.
In particular, construction continues on the linear part of the Ukhta Torzhok 2 gas pipeline, with 688 of the 970 kilometers completed, and the compressor stations at the Bovanenkovo Ukhta 2 gas pipeline.
If swaps are prohibited, a direct pipeline from the fields could be constructed only to refineries of LUKOIL and Surgutneftegas in Ukhta and Kirishi.