Ukrainian Agricultural Academy

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Ukrainian Agricultural Academy


a scientific institute located in Kiev. The origin of the academy dates to 1898, the year of the founding of the Kiev Polytechnical Institute, which had an agricultural division. In the 1930’s several independent higher agricultural schools branched off from the division. Agricultural and forestry institutes were reorganized into an academy in 1954, and a veterinary institute was added in 1957.

Important scholars associated with the academy include V. L. Kirpichov, N. P. Chirvinskii, Iu. M. Vagner, S. G. Navashin, K. G. Shindler, E. F. Votchal, I. M. Shchegolev, A. I. Dushech-kin, A. A. Vasilenko, G. N. Vysotskii, and E. V. Alekseev.

As of 1976, the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy had departments of agronomy, agrochemistry and soil science, plant protection, veterinary medicine, and zootechny. It has a department for studying the mechanization of agriculture, with a pedagogical engineering division; a department for the electrification of agriculture, with a division of automation; an economics department, with divisions of accounting, bookkeeping, and cybernetics; and a forestry department. The academy has a pedagogical department, a department of advanced study for specialists, preparatory and correspondence divisions, a graduate program, 78 sub-departments, three experiment stations, an educational farm, five research and specialized laboratories, an arboretum, and a museum. The library has 800,000 volumes.

In the 1975–76 academic year the academy had 10,800 students and more than 780 instructors, including ten academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR and of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 80 professors and doctors of science, and more than 400 docents and candidates of science. The academy has published the journal Nauchnye Trudy (Scientific Transactions) since 1940. It has trained 41,500 specialists during the Soviet period.

The Ukrainian Agricultural Academy was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1948.

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