Ukrainian Fine Arts, Museum of

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Ukrainian Fine Arts, Museum of


in Kiev, the central art museum of the Ukrainian SSR (founded 1936). The Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts has a vast collection of Ukrainian painting, sculpture, and decorative applied art from the 13th to 20th centuries. Of particular note is its superb collection of 17th and 18th-century Ukrainian portraiture.

The museum has a good collection of works by the painters and graphic artists S. I. Vasil’kovskii, K. K. Kostandi, N. K. Pimo-nenko, S. I. Svetoslavskii, T. G. Shevchenko, M. M. Bozhii, S. A. Grigor’ev, M. G. Deregus, I. I. Izhakevich, V. I. Kasiian, V. N. Kostetskii, F. G. Krichevskii, G. S. Melikhov, A. S. Pash-chenko, A. G. Petritskii, and A. A. Shovkunenko. Also well represented is the sculpture of V. Z. Borodai, M. I. Gel’man, G. N. Kal’chenko, A. P. Oleinik, and L. V. Pozen.

The museum is housed in a building erected for the State Museum of Antiquities, which became the Kiev Museum of Industrial Art and Science in 1904. Built in 1900 according to a design by the architects G. P. Boitsov and V. V. Gorodetskii, the building has the appearance of an ancient Greek Doric temple.

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