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Ukrainian language,

also called Little Russian: see Russian languageRussian language,
also called Great Russian, member of the East Slavic group of the Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Slavic languages). The principal language of administration in the Soviet Union, Russian is spoken by about 170 million people as a
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; Slavic languagesSlavic languages,
also called Slavonic languages, a subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. Because the Slavic group of languages seems to be closer to the Baltic group than to any other, some scholars combine the two in a Balto-Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European
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Hence my question to you how would you assess the fact that in the Russian-occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea between 2013 and 2017 the number of young people taking instruction in the Ukrainian language has drastically dropped from almost 13 000 to 370 (decreased by 35 times
He said embassy was paying much attention to joint projects in language education and spreading Ukrainian language in Pakistan and Urdu language in Ukraine.
This study charts the origins, development, repression, survival, and current status of the Ukrainian language, using the Ukrainian language as a lens for understanding the past 150 years of empire, state, and nation building in the region and the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.
Having graduated from Kharkiv State University, where she studied the Ukrainian language and literature, she worked as an arts facilitator.
John Hewko, Rotarys General Secretary, is a former senator (trustee) of the Ukrainian Catholic University and himself of Ukrainian descent, so he conducted most of the meeting with the group in the Ukrainian language.
7) Most originally, however, Liber argues that these years created a Soviet consciousness of being Ukrainian ("Ukrainization Reconfigured")--one that was not necessarily based on the Ukrainian language or a desire for independence but included a regional "neutered national identity" (285)--in areas such as the Donbass.
He had a great reputation as our ambassador to Ukraine, and if I recall correctly, he even managed to learn a considerable amount of the Ukrainian language.
Russia, fearing separatism, imposed strict limits on attempts to elevate the Ukrainian language and culture, even banning its use and study.
The pressure on the library - which stocks some 60,000 books mainly in the Ukrainian language - comes amid fierce anti-Kiev rhetoric in Moscow that shows little sign of abating.
The article by Veronika Makarova and Khrystyna Hudyma discusses the results of a study of reported ethnic self-identity of Saskatchewan residents with Ukrainian ancestry and the role of the Ukrainian language in identity, and "the correlation between the factors of ethnic identity, Ukrainian language proficiency, age, gender, and generation.
By means of samples of correspondence between the Group members, she demonstrates that one of the reasons the Group was formed was to obtain a measure of authority they believed they needed to save the Ukrainian language from extinction.
About four out of every six people in Ukraine are ethnic Ukrainian and speak the Ukrainian language.

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