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Ukrainian language,

also called Little Russian: see Russian languageRussian language,
also called Great Russian, member of the East Slavic group of the Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Slavic languages). The principal language of administration in the Soviet Union, Russian is spoken by about 170 million people as a
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; Slavic languagesSlavic languages,
also called Slavonic languages, a subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. Because the Slavic group of languages seems to be closer to the Baltic group than to any other, some scholars combine the two in a Balto-Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European
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The main goal of the project is supporting intellectual Ukrainianization of young people, talented authors, and developing popular literature for teenagers in the Ukrainian language.
Secondary school without entrance examsAt the same time, some pupils also took Hungarian and Ukrainian language tests.Pupils of the Bratislava I district were the most successful in both maths and the Slovak language.
Ukrainian language is lexically rich and flexible enough to give passage for thoughts echoing, while consonants and vowels follow in consecutive flow that allows for natural reversals.
Poroshenko struggled to integrate the country with the European Union and NATO, with an active role in pushing the use of the Ukrainian language to establish a new independent Orthodox church.
The study intentionally pays as much attention to the women, youth, and children as it does to the men in the movement, and it explores how Ukrainian language skills influenced engagement, shaped intergenerational relations, and played a key role in community restructuring.
Huberskyi also suggested setting up a Ukrainian language course in Tehran University and expressed readiness for dispatch of professors and supply of necessary educational facilities for this purpose.
He said embassy was paying much attention to joint projects in language education and spreading Ukrainian language in Pakistan and Urdu language in Ukraine.
This study charts the origins, development, repression, survival, and current status of the Ukrainian language, using the Ukrainian language as a lens for understanding the past 150 years of empire, state, and nation building in the region and the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.
John Hewko, Rotarys General Secretary, is a former senator (trustee) of the Ukrainian Catholic University and himself of Ukrainian descent, so he conducted most of the meeting with the group in the Ukrainian language.
He had a great reputation as our ambassador to Ukraine, and if I recall correctly, he even managed to learn a considerable amount of the Ukrainian language. Well done, Chris!
Russia, fearing separatism, imposed strict limits on attempts to elevate the Ukrainian language and culture, even banning its use and study.

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