Ulagai, Sergei Georgievich

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Ulagai, Sergei Georgievich


Born Oct. 19 (31), 1875, in Kuban’ Oblast; died after 1945. White Guard lieutenant general (1919).

The son of a Circassian officer, Ulagai graduated from the Nicholas Cavalry School in 1897. He fought in the Russo-Japanese War and in World War I, in which he commanded a Kuban’ cossack regiment as a colonel. Arrested for his participation in the Kornilov movement, he fled to the Kuban’ Region. In the spring of 1918 he joined the White Guard Volunteer Army of General L. G. Kornilov. Later he served in Denikin’s army. From July 1918 he was commander of the 2nd Kuban’ Cossack Division, and from February 1919, commander of the II Kuban’ Cossack Corps. He was defeated by the Red Army in the Donbas and near Rostov. Ulagai was in command of the Ulagai Landing Operation of 1920 in the Kuban’ Region, after which he was discharged from the army by General P. N. Wrangel.

Ulagai emigrated to Yugoslavia and later served in the Albanian Army. In December 1924, heading a cossack detachment, he took part in the counterrevolutionary coup in Albania led by A. Zogu. During World War II, Ulagai, along with P. N. Kras-nov, collaborated with the Hitlerites, helping them form cossack units from White Guard émigrés and traitors. In 1945 he surrendered to the British. Because he was an Albanian citizen, Ulagai was not turned over to the Soviet command as his confederates were and thus escaped retribution for his crimes.

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