Ulan Bator Industrial Combine

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Ulan Bator Industrial Combine


a light-industry enterprise in the Mongolian People’s Republic. Accounting for about 30 percent of the country’s total light industry output, the Ulan Bator Industrial Combine produces more than 200 woolen, leather, and other types of articles. The combine went into operation on Mar. 26 1934, with the technical and financial assistance of the USSR.

The combine consists (1975) of nine plants and factories, including a plant for the production of leather goods, a wool-washing enterprise, and enterprises for the production of saddles, worsted textiles, and footwear. It employs more than 5,000 persons, including 200 specialists with a higher education. In 1975 it produced 500,000 sq m of felt for yurts (conical dwellings), 200,000 pairs of felt footwear, 1.1 million m of fabric, including synthetic fabric, more than 1.2 million pairs of leather footwear, 48,000 leather coats, and more than 600,000 leather articles.


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