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(ŭl`fĭləs) or


(wo͝ol`fĭlə) [Gothic,=little wolf], c.311–383, Gothic bishop, translator of the Bible into Gothic. He was converted to Christianity at Constantinople and was consecrated bishop (341) by the Arian bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia. Ulfilas then returned to the Visigoths as a missionary; it was partly as a result of Ulfilas's work that the Goths became and remained Arians for so long in the face of triumphant Catholicism. Of Ulfilas's Bible only fragments remain—parts of Genesis, Nehemiah, most of the Gospels, and the whole of Second Corinthians, with several more fragments. Ulfilas is said to have invented the alphabet that he used.



(Wulfila). Born circa 311; died circa 383. Ecclesiastical figure among the Visigoths. Circa 341, Ulfilas was consecrated bishop of the Goths by the Arian bishop of Constantinople. Subsequently, he helped to spread Christianity, in the form of Arian-ism, among the Germanic tribes.

Ulfilas is thought by many, though not all, scholars to have invented the Gothic alphabet and to have translated most of the Bible into Gothic. The surviving fragments of the translation constitute the oldest remnants of Gothic, now a dead language.

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Ulfilas likely returned to his home in the town of Nicopolis ad Istrum, a few miles south of the river's banks.
The Goths Christianized by Ulfilas did not seek to overturn imperial authority, nor did the Goths under Alaric seek the end of the empire.
Despre el a scris fostul sau ucenic, Auxentiu din Durostor, ajuns episcop in 380 in Scrisoare despre credinta, viata si moartea lui Ulfila: "Si era Ulfila un episcop cu viata si o vorba foarte aleasa, drept si credincios lui Cristos, dascal intru sfintenie si propovaduitor al adevarului .