Ulianin, Vasilii

Ul’ianin, Vasilii Nikolaevich


Born Sept. 17 (29), 1840, in St. Petersburg; died 1889, in Warsaw. Russian zoologist and embryologist.

Ul’ianin graduated in 1864 from Moscow University, where he was a student of A. P. Bogdanov. From 1875 to 1880 he served as director of the Sevastopol’ Biological Station. In 1885 he became a professor at Warsaw University.

Ul’ianin studied the fauna of the Black Sea. He classified the peculiar ciliated worms Acoela as a separate group (1870), studied the embryonic development of various crustaceans, insects, and tunicates, and elucidated metagenesis in the tunicate Doliolum (1884). He also discovered that hydroid medusas of the genus Cunina parasitize hydroid medusas of the family Geryoni-dae, the former living in the stomach of the latter.


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