Ulianov, Aleksandr Ilich

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Ul’ianov, Aleksandr Il’ich


Born Mar. 31 (Apr. 12), 1866, in Nizhny Novgorod (now Gorky); died May 8 (20), 1887, in Shlissel’burg (now Petrokrepost’). Participant in the revolutionary movement in Russia. Older brother of V. I. Lenin.

In 1883, Ul’ianov graduated from the Simbirsk Gymnasium with a gold medal and entered the faculty of natural sciences at the University of St. Petersburg. He showed great scientific ability, and in his third year at the university he received a gold medal for independent work in zoology.

Ul’ianov took part in illegal student meetings and demonstrations and conducted propaganda in a workers’ circle. At the end of 1886 he became a member of the Terrorist Faction of the People’s Will. He was one of the authors of the faction’s program, which was influenced by Marxism in acknowledging the working class as the “nucleus of the socialist party.” However, the program asserted that the revolutionary intelligentsia must take the initiative in the struggle against the autocracy; terror was declared to be the means of the struggle.

Ul’ianov and his comrades plotted to assassinate Alexander III, but the plot was discovered, and they were arrested on Mar. 1,1887. Ul’ianov gave a political speech at the trial. He was sentenced to death and hanged, together with his fellow conspirators P. I. Andreiushkin, V. D. Generalov, V. S. Osipanov, and P. Ya. Shevyrev.


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