Uliantsev, Timofei

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Ul’iantsev, Timofei Ivanovich


(also T. I. Otradnev). Born 1888 in Dmitrovsk District, Orel Province; died July 28, 1919, in the city of Lenkoran’, in what is now the Azerbaijan SSR. Participant in the October Revolution of 1917 and in the Civil War and Military Intervention of 1918–20. Member of the Communist Party from 1911.

The son of a poor peasant, Ul’iantsev was a fitter by trade. He was drafted into the navy in 1909. In 1910 he graduated from a school for mine specialists. Ul’iantsev served with the Baltic Fleet and in 1913 and 1914 led the Bolshevik organization on the cruiser Rossiia. In 1915 he became a member of the Chief Marine Collective of the Kronstadt Bolshevik military organization. In the same year he was tranferred to the First Baltic Fleet Reserve. In early 1916 he was arrested and sentenced to eight years at hard labor.

Freed during the February Bourgeois-Democratic Revolution of 1917, Ul’iantsev served as deputy chairman of the Kronstadt party committee, as a delegate to the Seventh (April) All-Russian Conference of the RSDLP(B), and as a member of the Central Committee of the Baltic Fleet (Tsentrobalt). He took part in the October Armed Uprising in Petrograd and played an instrumental role in the organization of food appropriation detachments. In January 1918 he became a member of the All-Russian Collegium for the Formation of the Red Army. Commissioned a military commissar in the Donbas, Ul’iantsev took part in the suppression of the Kaledin Revolt. In the summer of 1918 he was appointed military commissar in charge of the organization of the Red Army in Stavropol’ Province, and in late 1918 he was made chairman of the Astrakhan military field tribunal.

In May 1919, Ul’iantsev was sent to Lenkoran’ to lead an uprising that had broken out against the interventionists and the Musavatists. Ul’iantsev was killed in battle during the siege of Lenkoran’ by the counterrevolutionary forces.

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