Uljas Karlovich Vikström

Vikström, Uljas Karlovich


Born Feb. 18 (Mar. 3), 1910, in Turku, Finland. Soviet Karelian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Vikström was born into a worker’s family. Since 1918 he has lived in the Soviet Union. He graduated from the Institute of Journalism (1933) and from the Communist University of the Western Minorities (1935) in Leningrad. He began his literary career in the 1930’s with the publication of the novella TermonenA Man of Deeds. In 1950 he wrote the play New Friends. Vikström’s novel Forward, Working People! (1953-54; revised edition, 1956-57) portrays the revolutionary events in Finland in 1918. The novellas Sulevan Osku (1961) and Toiska (1969) are devoted to Finnish revolutionaries. Vikström has translated some of V. I. Lenin’s works into Finnish and has been awarded two orders as well as medals.


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In Russian translation:
Vpered, narod trudovoi! Petrozavodsk, 1958.


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