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Clase Orden Familia Genero Ulvophyceae Bryopsidales Caulerpaceae (*) Caulerpa Cladophorales Cladophoraceae Chaetomorph Cladophora Rhizoclonium Ulotrichales Ulotrichaceae Ulothrix Ulvales Kornmanniaceae Blidingia Ulvaceae Ulva Clase Especie Ulvophyceae C.
Freshwater algae of the southeastern United States, part 2: Chlorophyceae Ulotrichales, Microsporales, Cylindrocapsales, Sphaeropleales, Chaetophorales, Cladophorales, Schizogoniales, Siphonales and Oedogoniales.
Agardh) Kutzing E&W DIVISION CHLOROPHYTA Order Ulotrichales Family Ulotrichaceae Ulothrix flacca (Dilwyn) Thuret E&W Order Dasycladales Family Polyphysaceae Polyphysa polyphysoides (P.
Observations on the taxonomy and ecology of Monoraphidium (Chlorophyceae, Chlorococcales) and Koliella (Chlorophyceae, Ulotrichales) species in the Tvarminne Sea area, SW coast of Finland.
Howe x 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Polysiphonia subtilissima Montagne x 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 Liagoraceae Liagora ceranoides Lamouroux x 9, 10 CHLOROPHYTA ULOTRICHALES Ulotrichaceae Ulotrix sp.
TABLE I ALGAL EPIBIONTS DETECTED IN THE GILLS AND EXOSKELETON OF POST-LARVAE, JUVENILE AND ADULT Macrobrachium rosenbergii IN MARGARITA ISLAND, VENEZUELA Stage of Life Degree Algae Cycle of Infes- Localization % Animals Affected tation Affected CYANOPHYTA PL 2 Gills and 25 exoskeleton Order: Nostocales J 3 Gills and 30 exoskeleton Genera: Anabaena A 4 Gills and 60 and Lyngbya exoskeleton CHLOROPHYTA PL 2 Gills and 30 exoskeleton Orders: Zygnematales J 2 Gills and 50 and Ulotrichales exoskeleton Genera: Cosmarium A 3 Gills and 25 and Ulothrix exoskeleton PL = post-larvae.
When the takyrs (flat depressions in the desert surface) are full of water, cyanobacteria (mainly of the genera Phormidium and Microcoleus, of the order Oscillatoria) and some green algae (of the orders Protococcales, Chlamydomonales, and Ulotrichales) may become very abundant.
natans (L.) Edwards (1976) gom,plg/GB/C Gaillon Humm & Hildebrand (1962) gom,plg/GB/A DIVISION CHLOROPHYTA CLASS ULVOPHYCEAE ORDER ULOTRICHALES ULOTRICHACEAE Ulothrix flacca (Dillwyn) Edwards (1976) hs, eph/GMJ/A Thuret in Le Jolis Edwards & Kapraun (1973) */GMJ,AB,RB/* ULVACEAE Enteromorpha clathrata Edwards (1976) hs, int/GMJ,AB, (Roth) Grev.