Ulrich Grubenmann

Grubenmann, Ulrich


Born Apr. 15, 1850, in Trogen; died Mar. 16, 1924, in Zürich. Swiss mineralogist and pe-trologist. Professor at the University of Zürich.

Grubenmann advanced the hypothesis of the threefold division of the earth’s crust into depth zones distinguished by the nature of the metamorphic processes: the kata, meso, and epi zones. These terms have been retained to the present but are used to designate not so much the depths of rock occurrence as the grades of metamorphism.


Die kristallinen Schiefer, 2nd ed., parts 1–2. Berne, 1910.
In Russian translation:
Metamorfizm gornykh porod: Obshchaia chast’. Leningrad-Moscow, 1933. (With P. Niggli.)