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In the section on secular literature, Alexander Lasch addresses the question of what impact certain rhetorical strategies (notably inversio and aposiopesis) have on the recipients of Erec; James Brown looks at the ways in which the visualization strategies discernible in the text of Wigalois have been transferred to manuscript illustrations; Katja Altpeter-Jones takes the representations of (sexualized) violence in the 'Versnovelle' as a starting-point for a discussion of medieval theories memoria and imaginatio; and Tobias Bulang examines the place of the imagination in Ulrich von Lichtenstein's complex structure of lyrics embedded within a narrative.
47Jousting was popularised in the Middle Ages by Bavarian knight Ulrich von Lichtenstein, who fought around Europe wearing women's clothes and a blonde wig -true or false?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein's thirteenth-century autobiographical work, Frauendienst (Service of Ladies), later inspired what Spanish picaresque novel?
Ledger plays lowly squire William Thatcher, who lives out his childhood dream of becoming a knight by passing himself off in a series of jousting competitions as Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland.
Picking up a wandering, naked aspirant scribe (Paul Bettany - 'Chaucer's the name, writing's the game') with the gift of the gab and a bad-luck gambling streak, who forges the necessary documents to pass him off as one Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland, and a feminist blacksmith (Laura Fraser), whose designer armour bears a trademark uncannily like Nike's, it's off to the next big tournament.
The subject of Chapter 4, Frauendienst by Ulrich von Lichtenstein (c.