AT Attachment

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AT Attachment

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(1) (Advanced Technology Attachment) The official name of earlier IDE drives. See IDE.

(2) See analog telephone adapter.
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Circuit City: Toshiba 2.8 GHz Notebook processor, 256 MB DDR-DRAM memory and 40GB UltraDMA hard drive, $799.99
The DiamondMax 40 also uses Maxtor DualWave twin processor technology for a 10x boost in host command processing speed, 2 MB of high speed 100 MHz SDRAM for the cache buffer, and an UltraDMA 66 interface for up to 66 MB per second transfer rates.
Merging a 100MHz SDRAM memory for sustained transfer rate, it also offers a 2MB cache buffer, Maxtor's proprietary Dual Wave processor, and UltraDMA 66 for up to 66MB/sec transfer rates, adaptable to 100MB/sec rate with a utility installation.
At the low-end, where price is the biggest factor, UltraDMA, with its 33Mbps transfer rates, is likely to dominate.
Initio Corporation has announced its FireWire800-to-ATA-7 bridging device that blends key performance features UltraDMA (UDMA) 133, 100MB/s read and right transfer rates, and hardware RAID support into a single, integrated device.
The DiamondMax Plus 40 drives feature a sub-9.0ms average seek time, a 2MB cache buffer incorporating a high-speed 100MHz SDRAM memory for high sustained transfer rate, Maxtor's proprietary DualWave processor, and UltraDMA 66 for up to 66MB per second transfer rates.