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An instrument used to measure pressure, flow rate, and discharge rate of a liquid, vapor, or gas flowing in a pipe. Also known as fluid meter.
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flow meter

A device that measures the movement of liquid in a pipe. "Invasive" flow meters are coupled into the pipe and derive the flow rate from the rotation of a turbine or paddle wheel that is moved by the liquid.

"Non-invasive" meters use two ultrasonic transducers that clamp on the outside of the pipe at a prescribed distance from each other based on the pipe's composition and diameter. They derive the flow rate based on the transit time of ultrasonic pulses sent from transmitter to receiver. In liquids with high solid or gaseous content, rather than measuring transit time, the amount of frequency shift is detected (see Doppler effect).
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This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global ultrasonic flowmeter market for the period 2015-2019.
With analysis of the related references, we found that (1) the ultrasonic flowmeter uses double-path and multi-path measurement generally [13, 14]; the shortcomings can be listed as follows: on one hand the complex pipe structure requires higher accuracy of installation; on the other hand the use of multiple ultrasonic transducers will increase the costs; (2) few researches have been done for the fluid with low Reynolds number in the single-path ultrasonic flowmeter.
The OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters, UFM 3030 ultrasonic flowmeters, and OPTIMASS Coriolis Mass flowmeters are used extensively to accurately monitor and measure the flow of liquids and gases through pipelines.
The Sono-Trak clamp-on transit time ultrasonic flowmeter is available from the company.
* The two-beam ultrasonic flowmeter is capable of handling high flow rates of superheated steam, making it suitable for power plant boiler and plant efficiency monitoring, energy balancing, and inter-company steam billing.
FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions has released what it describes as its latest, most advanced technological tool in fluid measurement, the Smith Meter[R] Ultra 8c liquid ultrasonic flowmeter.
Endress+Hauser has recently launched the new PROline Prosonic Flow 92 portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter. The device features a battery-operated portable transmitter that operates for up to 5 hours without a power source.
The Time Delta S Version 3 ultrasonic flowmeter features a fully automatic transmission method and wave pattern selector based on fluid process properties for which flow rate is to be measured.
An ultrasonic flowmeter consists of one or more ultrasonic transceiver pairs mounted within the pipe and an externally mounted electronic control module that operates the transceivers and processes the measured data.

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