see UummannaqUummannaq
or Umanak
, town (1996 pop. 1,497), W Greenland, on an inlet of Baffin Bay. A hunting and fishing base, it has a canning factory. Marble is quarried there.
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, Greenland.
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Exploitation des couvertures photographiques aeriennes repetees du front des glaciers velant dans Disko Bugt et Umanak Fjord, Juin-Juillet 1964.
Weather Bureau had decided to set up a weather station in cooperation with the Danes at North Star Bay, near the ancient settlement of Umanak and the Thule trading station established by Peter Freuchen and Knud Rasmussen in 1910.
One male specimen from the Umanak Fjord area of west Greenland is almost certainly an immigrant from Baffin Island.