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By eating the forbidden fruit, however, Adam "made himself uncapable of life by that covenant," and God ordained a second covenant, the covenant of grace, by which Adam and the race he represented might come to enjoy the blessings they had forfeited by his first sin, without their being able to point to complete obedience (WCF 7:3; Savoy 7:3).
The aquatic ecosystems of the Amazonia blackwater rivers and streams constitute nutrient poor areas, considered uncapable to maintain populations as large as the ones reported for "white waters" (loam silted rivers).
Esteban reflected on how, for millenium upon millenium, the spiral had been present to the everyday gaze of maritime races, who were still uncapable of understanding it, or of even grasping the reality of its presence.
In the Philippines and Canada, someone mimicked our machine this consists of declarations in this website, however they were uncapable to create any kind of fixed electrical energy however Air Conditioner stepped-up.
[The adulterer] has made Marriage to survive its Honour, and to remain a scandalized Institution: He has put the affront on the first founder; and mocked at the Limits of Nature; he has endeavoured to perswade the world by his experience, that Marriage is uncapable of its designs, and that the Ranges of lust were to no purpose inclosed, whilst the appetite is as ungoverned even in that Condition, which was designed to cure it, as in a common injoyment.
Frequent "sangumissions," he explains, exhaust the Archeus, which in turn allows a multitude of "calamities of Body and Mind [to be] hatched up." The mind, he continues, then becomes "possessed with Melancholy, black, discontented thoughts, uncapable to receive truth, becomes forward, peevish, careless of virtuous Action, desperately bent to follow for diverstisement, a voluptuous sensual life, or to contrive Innovations, Heresies, Schisms, and factious Rebellions, and what not." (42) Thomson even sees "this Blood-sucking course" as a threat to the vitality of the nation iself: