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a city in Bolivia. Population, 9,000 (1950). Uncía is linked by rail and highway with the cities of Oruro and La Paz. Tin is extracted near the city.



(1) A measure of weight in ancient Rome, consisting of one-twelfth of a libra, the primary measure of weight at the time. The uncia was equal to 27.166 g. It was widely used in all countries before the introduction of the metric system.

(2) An ancient Roman coin, minted from an alloy of copper, tin, and lead. The uncia was equal to one-twelfth of an as and weighed 27.28 g. The name “uncia” was also applied to the Spanish gold doubloon and the Chinese tael. In Sicily, the uncia served as a monetary unit until 1865.

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Peto describes the course of the aqueduct, noting that as it enters the city it intersects the Via Salaria and then goes under "the very pleasant garden and ample palace of the very Reverend and very illustrious Politiani." (61) (Peto refers to Cardinal Montepulciano, who purchased the property of the present-day Villa Medici in 1564, and made many improvements.) The cardinal's newly renovated garden, fountains, and household benefited greatly from the newly available fresh running water, of which he was awarded an uncia. (62) It was characteristic of the new water system that, in addition to benefits acquired by the public, many elite private individuals, and others who had paid for the privilege, acquired the immense luxury of fresh running water into their palaces and homes.
Opal formed by hot springs is known from several sinter deposits around the stock, for example at Uncia. Greene (1943) reported opal pseudomorphs after quartz crystals at Llallagua.
Se sabe que los leopardos en Irwin llegan a pesar mas de 90 kg y frecuentemente son erroneamente identificados como leopardos nivales (Uncia uncia), debido a su color mas claro y a su grueso pelaje de invierno (Holby 2003; Khorozyan 1999c).
uncia) can even catch prey in the perpetual snow layer.
The extra time will ease the transition."-OUNCE comes from Roman word "uncia".
Johannes Vetulus (or Verulus) de Anagnia (c.1350) wrote that the breve in tempus perfectum medium lasted for the time of an uncia, which he made clear was 1/480th of an hora, which was 1/24th of a day.
For instance, the as/libra and uncia of Roman fractions are of fixed sizes, while figures in mensural systems may have different values.
Since natural enemies such as the snow leopard (Uncia uncia), wolf (Canis lupus), and lynx (Lynx lynx) have basically disappeared in the 1980s, there are no large predators in the Helan Mountain area.
There are five big cat species in the genus Panthera, the lion (Panthera leo), snow leopard (Panthera uncia), leopard (Panthera pardus), tiger (Panthera tigris) and jaguar (Panthera onca) (Davis et al., 2010).
Ma ormai la polizia fascista e sulle tracce di tutta la struttura di Giustizia e Liberta torinese radicata nella borghesia intellettuale, grazie anche alla delazione di Pitigrilli, ossia Dino Segre, uno scrittore ebreo cugino di Foa e Sion Segre, che in breve den uncia all'Ovra tutto il gruppo.