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a city in Bolivia. Population, 9,000 (1950). Uncía is linked by rail and highway with the cities of Oruro and La Paz. Tin is extracted near the city.



(1) A measure of weight in ancient Rome, consisting of one-twelfth of a libra, the primary measure of weight at the time. The uncia was equal to 27.166 g. It was widely used in all countries before the introduction of the metric system.

(2) An ancient Roman coin, minted from an alloy of copper, tin, and lead. The uncia was equal to one-twelfth of an as and weighed 27.28 g. The name “uncia” was also applied to the Spanish gold doubloon and the Chinese tael. In Sicily, the uncia served as a monetary unit until 1865.

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Indeed, as a reward for his efforts, Luca Peto, like Andrea Bacci, was given an uncia of water from the aqueduct for his own home, for his use and that of his successors.
r-v] idibus Junias 1 576 (13 June 1576); and for the uncia of water, see ASC, C.
Griptus's reward of a quarter of an uncia is recorded in ASR, Presidenza Aquedotti Urbani, no.