Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

highly effective, sentimental Abolitionist novel. [Am. Lit.: Jameson, 513]
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In this essay, I begin the work of situating the Yiddish versions of Uncle Tom's Cabin in the context first of the publication history of Stowe's novel and the many plays that were adapted from it, and then in the context of the broader history of racial performances on the popular stage at the turn of the twentieth century.
In our opinion, writing a comprehensive history of the reception of Uncle Tom's Cabin is not a feasible task.
Consider, as well, the famous stanza from Julia Ward Howe's "Battle Hymn of the American Republic," written in 1862, which cast the Civil War as a redemptive crusade to end slavery in America: "As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free." In the same vein, Stowe's poem "Caste and Christ", published alongside Uncle Tom's Cabin, concluded:
The critic Edmund Wilson could have had me in mind when he warned: "To expose oneself in maturity to Uncle Tom's Cabin...
Though the boy's evaluation of Stowe's novel is sincere, critics see the reference to Uncle Tom's Cabin as one more example of Johnson's irony.
In Chapter 4, "Local Color and the Literary Imagination: Uncle Tom's Cabin and Le Vieux Salomon," the author attempts to compare the two novels in the chapter title in order to show, ostensibly, how Testut inserted local color into his works.
Stowe is best known as the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel that lured white readers into thinking about, and starting to understand, the horrors of slavery.
The Norton Critical Edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Edited by Elizabeth Ammons.
What: Playwright Robert Alexander's revisionist look at "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
To impress visiting dignitaries, the palace puts on an Asian-style opera based around the anti-slavery story of Uncle Tom's Cabin. It's an unexpected gem.
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