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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Uncrossing involves removing a curse or any form of negative magic. The uncrossing ritual may be performed as needed, but, it is most effective when performed during the waning cycle of the moon.

By making a Witch Bottle, a person will uncross him or herself, removing any and all negativity and evil influences known and unknown that may have been directed at him or her. An uncrossing oil used in magic is made by mixing sandalwood, patchouli leaves, myrrh, and finger grass. In Voodoo, a popular recipe mixes lemon grass, herb salt, and oil.

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It sounds ridiculous, but one recent study actually proved that people who just can't sit still are slimmer - all those tiny movements like crossing and uncrossing your legs add up to loads of extra calories burned.
Fidget - squirming around in your seat, standing up and sitting down and crossing or uncrossing your legs can burn up to 350 calories per day.
The blonde, famous for uncrossing her legs in a steamy scene from Basic Instinct, was trying her first non-glam character role.
In the Musselburgh unsaddling enclosure, he was incapable of uncrossing his legs.
5Basic Instinct - Sharon Stone uncrossing her legs.
By uncrossing the linkages, scientists are able to evaluate the nature of the protein-DNA interactions.
The campaign has been photographed by artist Alison Jackson, whose work includes a controversial video of a Princess Diana lookalike crossing and uncrossing her legs in a way reminiscent of Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct.
Avoid unnecessary movements, such as swinging the arms, as well as crossing and uncrossing them over the chest.
They glide smoothly along a nearby tributary in dugout canoes, the beams of their flashlights crossing and uncrossing above the murky river waters.
"So I made this great prediction," Wolfe is saying, "'Picasso: The Bouguereau of the year 2020.'" But he admits to his audience, a mixed crowd of stylishly dressed uptowners, baseball-capped high schoolers, and women in black leather downtown chic, that "my prediction began to look very bad." Picassos brought fabulous prices at Sotheby's; the "art birds" began showing up at the auctions, "lissome young women with these glossy shanks which they keep crossing and uncrossing."
Don't worry, darling, the women had said in the Peninsula, crossing and uncrossing their legs and lighting cigarettes.
Mimic it by pacing when you're on the phone, crossing and uncrossing your legs, doodling and drumming your fingers.