Underground UFO Bases

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Underground UFO Bases

Some UFO investigators warn us to forget about the lights in the skies. The real danger from alien invasion is under our feet.

Although UFO researchers insist that there are underground alien bases in Nevada, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, and many other areas, the alleged underground facility outside Dulce, New Mexico, is by far the most notorious. According to many UFO investigators, there are men and women who claim to have worked in these facilities side by side with extraterrestrials nicknamed “Grays.”

The Grays are most often described as being under four feet tall, with a disproportionately large head and large slanted eyes. Some of their species appear more sophisticated than others, but they all seem to worship technology at the expense of artistic and creative expression. They also seem devoid of emotion and appear indifferent to the general well-being of humans. The witnesses who claim to have worked aside Grays, state that the principal research at Dulce is the study of human genetics and the possibility of crossbreeding the two species and/or developing mutations.

A frequently heard account about Dulce concerns a 1969 confrontation that broke out between the human scientists working there and the aliens. In order to guarantee extended cooperation from the secret government, the Grays took a number of human scientists as hostages.

Crack troops from Delta Force were sent into the vast underground tunnels to rescue the scientists, but they proved to be no match for the aliens. Estimates of sixty-six to several hundred humans were killed during the violent confrontation.

Because of the sudden realization that the Grays could not always be trusted to follow other than their own secret agenda, the representatives and employees of the secret government withdrew from all joint projects with the Grays for about two years. Eventually a reconciliation occurred, and the alliance between the aliens and the members of the secret government was once again back on course.

Some of the aliens who work in the underground bases consider themselves to be native Earthlings, for they are the crossbred descendants of a reptilian humanoid species, who many thousands of years ago in our planet’s prehistory accomplished genetic engineering with early members of Homo sapiens. While some of these crossbred reptilian-human “Terrans” are loyal allies, others of their group have proven to be untrustworthy mercenary agents for the Draco, an extraterrestrial race that is returning to Earth—a planet they consider their ancient outpost.

In addition to a number of reported “Hairy Dwarfs” and exceedingly tall alien life forms, the most commonly mentioned extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) next to the Grays are the “Nordics,” essentially human in appearance, mostly blond-haired and blue-eyed. Cast in an angelic kind of role in the alien versus human drama, they normally do not violate the intergalactic law of noninterference so they cannot halt the occasional grisly machinations of the Grays. Unless, of course, the Grays finally go too far and begin to upset the larger picture of universal balance and order.

Research scientist Paul Bennewitz claims to have been repeatedly harassed and intimidated by the military after he provided government investigators with proof that he had filmed a formation of UFOs flying over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area and the Coyote Canyon Test Site (where nuclear materials are stored), all part of the Kirtland Air Force Base facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bennewitz said he saw four saucer-shaped objects lined up beside the fence of the air base.

Bennewitz’s investigations led him to Dulce, where he spoke with a woman who was kidnapped by aliens after she and her son had witnessed them mutilating a cow. According to the abductee, she and her son were taken inside the Dulce underground base and saw for themselves horrible experiments in which organs and blood were being removed from animals to create a new species of humanoids through gene splicing.

John Lear is the son of the famous aviation pioneer William Lear, who established the Lear Aircraft Company. John himself has earned a well-deserved reputation in aeronautical circles for having test flown over 150 aircraft and having won numerous awards from the Federal Aviation Administration. A few years ago—before he heard a friend relate a UFO encounter that had taken place in England—Lear had absolutely no interest in flying saucers. However, as he began to check out the accounts that others had relayed to him, he found to his astonishment that there were mountains of evidence proving that UFOs are real and quite likely from outer space.

Pursuing the subject with his contacts in the CIA and his informants in military intelligence, Lear ascertained that the first UFO crash occurred in Germany shortly before World War II. The Nazis used the technology obtained from the wreckage to initiate the rocketry program that destroyed much of Europe and blitzed the British Isles.

Later, Lear was told, a flying disc crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, and one of the injured aliens on board was kept alive for a short period of time in Hangar 18 in what is now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

What shocked Lear was that the government had made secret deals with the aliens, actually exchanging humans for advanced technical data. By 1987 Lear had discovered that the EBEs were putting together a sort of “Frankenstein Army—part alien, part human” in underground facilities in Nevada and New Mexico.

Lear’s painstaking research yielded grisly evidence that human, as well as cattle, mutilations had been performed by the aliens as early as 1956. An Air Force major had witnessed the abduction of a sergeant early one morning at the White Sands Missile Test Range. When his body was found three days later, his genitals had been removed, his rectum cored out in a surgically precise plug up to the colon, and his eyes had been removed. His corpse had also been drained of all blood. Information provided Lear by informants concerning the Dulce underground base detailed large vats with pale meat being agitated in solutions and large test tubes with humans in them.

In Lear’s assessment the abduction scenario seemed to have at least three purposes: (1) insertion of a tiny probe, approximately three millimeters in size that would monitor and program the abductee; (2) posthypnotic suggestions regarding the abductee’s future mission; and (3) genetic crossbreeding between the EBEs and humans.

William Hamilton, author of Cosmic Top Secret, first received news of the existence of the secret underground bases in 1979 when an acquaintance who was a government worker revealed the details of military participation in monstrous genetic experiments being conducted with a sinister group of aliens. When his employers discovered that the man had stolen photographs depicting these experiments, his wife and children were taken into custody by federal agents as an effective means of regaining the classified material that had been misplaced.

Hamilton’s friend told him that the base at which he had been employed had at least seven subterranean levels. On level four, for example, advanced research in mind control was being conducted. At level six, genetic experiments on animals and humans were in progress. Humans were kept in cages and drugged for some detestable purpose on level seven.

Hamilton’s informant had originally been told a false story that the government was conducting special secret tests to cure insanity, but when he realized at last that aliens were actually behind the torturous experiments, he left his post and went into hiding.

Hamilton cautions against panic, observing that “aliens have been around a long time and have not taken any mass offensive against us to date.” Hamilton’s greatest concern “is the fact that excessive secrecy [on the part of the government] can lead to a breakdown in our cultural cohesiveness. It can lead to wild rumors and freewheeling speculations. It can lead to ignorance and the disintegration of our society.”

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