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(invertebrate zoology)
Either of a pair of posterior wings on certain insects, as the moth.



the general name for moths of the closely related genera Catocala, Mormonia, and Ephesia. The wing-spread is 6–12 cm. The hind wings are brightly colored, with black stripes. Common underwings include Catocala fraxini, C. nupta, and Ephesia fulminea. The moths are distributed mainly in the forest zones of Eurasia and America. The caterpillars feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs, especially plants of the families Salicaceae (willows), Fagaceae (beeches), and Rosaceae (roses).

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And in a grouping near the patch's center are three underwings (Catacola spp.
Their white underwings and white feathers on the outside of their tails are striking.
It has a dark brown body and only sprinkles of white on the underwings and tail.
You'll see a graceful bird gliding by with its kite-shaped wings and orange underwings.
Juveniles lack the distinguishing white feathers of the adults, but are brown with varying degrees of white spots on their body, tail and underwings.
A fine August thorn with its orangey wings held upwards, and many yellow underwings, of three species, came a-visiting.
In flight they show a grey rump and white underwings and flocks can be recognised by their "chack-chack-chack" calls.
Eyed hawkmoth, lesser swallow prominent, hebrew character, riband waves, miller and scores of large yellow underwings were drawn in to the light.
Chestnut-colored body and underwings, narrow black and white stripes on its tail and reddish shoulder patches.
Darker than the wood, the green sandpiper has green legs, lacks an eye stripe and has black underwings.
A close relative of the mallard, the black duck is distinguished by white underwings that "flash" during flight, contrasting with its uniform dark brown ("black") body plumage.