illegal alien

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illegal alien:

see alienalien,
in law, any person residing in one political community while owing allegiance to another. A procedure known as naturalization permits aliens to become citizens.

Each nation establishes conditions upon which aliens will be admitted, and makes laws concerning them.
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; immigrationimmigration,
entrance of a person (an alien) into a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence. Motives for immigration, like those for migration generally, are often economic, although religious or political factors may be very important.
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Notably, jobs in the agricultural sector are 3.5% more likely to be performed by an undocumented worker than by a local, documented worker (Bump, 2015).
The actual employment levels of undocumented workers are not used in estimation of the structural model, but just for comparison of the volatility in the predicted level of undocumented worker employment with the actual volatility in the sample of undocumented workers.
He was working on the case of Carlos Gomez, an undocumented worker who is owed thousands of dollars in wages and who was beaten by his employer for leaving that person's job site to find work at another.
economy as an undocumented worker, suffering further abuses from
Bacon's careful exploration of what it means to be an undocumented worker begins in Emeryville, California, with the story of picketing hotel workers.
If undocumented worker employment is found to provide a competitive advantage, then a reduction in the supply of undocumented workers (e.g., via tougher border and worksite enforcement) will raise production costs.
undocumented worker's presence or work in this country as criminal
President Donald Trump said Friday he did not know about the dozens of undocumented workers employed at his golf courses over many years because he no longer runs his business.
Of the total violators, 278 were 'freelance' workers, 516 were unemployed, and 65 were undocumented workers. Muscat recorded the highest number of arrests with 566, followed by A'Dhakiliyah with 50.
Duterte said the issue of undocumented workers was one of the topics discussed during his meeting with King Abdullah II last Thursday.