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unemployment benefit

1. (in Britain, formerly) a regular payment to a person who is out of work: replaced by jobseeker's allowance in 1996
2. (in New Zealand) a means-tested monetary benefit paid weekly by the Social Security Department to the unemployed
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Unemployment Benefit


in capitalist countries, special monetary aid to persons who are out of work as a result of unemployment. Unemployment benefits have been introduced in 30 capitalist countries. As a rule, agricultural workers are not eligible. Unemployment benefits are usually financed in equal amounts by the contributions of workers and employers.

In Italy and the USA, only employers contribute to unemployment benefits. In Australia, New Zealand, and Luxembourg, benefits are paid for entirely out of state funds only to those unemployed who have undergone a thorough investigation of need and are classified as having no other means of subsistence. In Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, benefits are paid only to members of special funds set up on a voluntary basis by trade unions. Contributions to these funds are financed fully by the workers, although the state does provide some subsidies.

Under each system, unemployment benefits do not cover the entire period of unemployment. No benefits are paid during the waiting period, or the first two to seven days. Usually the maximum pay period is three to six months and the benefits usually amount to 30-60 percent of wages earned. The worker must make contributions for a certain period of time before he is eligible to receive benefits. To continue being eligible, he must register regularly with the unemployment office (labor exchange) and must actively look for work on his own. The major reasons for disqualification from benefits are discharge for misconduct, participating in a strike, voluntary termination of employment, and refusal of suitable work.

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The number of people claiming unemployment benefit was 3,310 - 585 higher than in April 2018, and 85 higher than March 2019, according to the data.
Last year, 5,000 people applied for the unemployment benefit, she said.
Combined with state unemployment benefits, it provides up to 50% of former weekly salary when an individual is involuntarily unemployed.
In an April 14 decision, the appeals court upheld the determination that the worker isn't entitled to unemployment benefits. The worker was obligated, "even during his off-duty hours, to honor the standards of behavior which his employer has a right to expect of him." Apparently this includes when playing with his LEGOs.
In Coventry, numbers of people claiming unemployment benefits have risen slightly.
Unemployment benefit payments recorded the second highest annual drop in the last three years, down by 66.4% in November, compared to the same month in 2013.
The drop counters a common assumption that most of those out of work receive unemployment benefits. It is partly a sign of an improving job market: Layoffs have plummeted and Americans seem more confident in their prospects for finding a job.
The ECJ has ruled in favour of Germany, in a case where the country denied unemployment benefits to a 25-year old Romanian woman that was in Germany since 2010, on the grounds that there was not enough evidence to suggest the woman ever actively looked for work.
Some experts say that the budget projections are feasible yet they believe that raising salaries, pensions and unemployment benefits may be a rash move.
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Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 32,000 to a seasonally adjusted 300,000 for the week ended April 5, the Labour Department said.
And in the midst of all of this economic growth, and all of this economic rebound, the most important thing is avoiding another government shutdown and extending unemployment benefits." "The president just said that unemployment benefits actually create new jobs.

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