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a river in the Komi ASSR, a left tributary of the Pechora. The Un’ia is 163 km long and drains an area of 2,890 sq km. Fed predominantly by snow, the river is located in the western part of the Northern Urals. The mean flow rate 39 km from the mouth is 45 cu m per sec. The Un’ia freezes over in October or the first half of November, and the ice breaks up in late April or May. High water occurs in May and June. Salmon spawn in the Un’ia.

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"Even if you take into account all of the regular excuses and you only compare women and men in the exact same position with the same professional experience, the fact remains that a woman in Switzerland is cheated out of ($313k) over the course of a career, just because she is a woman," Corrine Scharer, a member of Unia's board of directors said.
As a result, the UNIA continued to be officially recognized as the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, but a rival "UNIA-ACL August 1929 of the World" emerged, headed by Marcus Garvey himself after his deportation to Jamaica.
Dentro de este grupo no hemos incluido a la Universidad Internacional de Andalucia (UNIA), que al ser una institucion dedicada a cursos, masteres y postgrados no cuenta con un numero de cuentas propias similar al resto (carece de muchos servicios destinados al alumnado, Vicerrectorados, etc.
The 1760s and 1770s witnessed coercive campaigns in the Commonwealth by both Uniates and Polish authorities, and Orthodox with Russian backing, to force Orthodox into the Unia and vice versa.
Next week employees in Nyon will try to apply pressure on the company's management by interrupting the working process, Unia's manager Corrado Pardini said.
The review alone will prove useful to readers interested in UNIA materials and this unique historical moment.
Maynard points out that the great majority of international Black men visiting Australia were foreign seamen and that while the CPA and UNIA's membership was comprised largely of African Americans and West Indians, evidence reveals that Aboriginal people were involved.
Spencer Pitt, who later ran the local UNIA, was among the most influential and well known, as was Dr.
The labour unions have long resisted any relaxation of the rules and indeed Unia, the largest trade union in Switzerland and responsible for the service sector, believes that opening times are already too liberal.
Told in an assortment of short stories, Unia Elorriaga's narrative is expertly translated from the original Basque by Amaia Gabantxo, bringing this beautiful piece of fiction to the world stage.

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