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a river in the Komi ASSR, a left tributary of the Pechora. The Un’ia is 163 km long and drains an area of 2,890 sq km. Fed predominantly by snow, the river is located in the western part of the Northern Urals. The mean flow rate 39 km from the mouth is 45 cu m per sec. The Un’ia freezes over in October or the first half of November, and the ice breaks up in late April or May. High water occurs in May and June. Salmon spawn in the Un’ia.

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In Cuba and Central America, shorn of the subversive immediacy that had propelled the early years of contact, local UNIA divisions supported the more mundane needs of its predominantly West Indian constituency, developing in many places into an "immigrant protection association" that legislators in the Hispanic Caribbean, save in Cuba, viewed with little concern.
The Caribbean focus of the final series in the UNIA Papers, he explains, "restores the important cultural and political aspects of the Garvey narrative that have been eclipsed" (p.
The 1760s and 1770s witnessed coercive campaigns in the Commonwealth by both Uniates and Polish authorities, and Orthodox with Russian backing, to force Orthodox into the Unia and vice versa.
Mediante pivotes de acero, unia los bloques individualmente desvastados.
Spencer Pitt, who later ran the local UNIA, was among the most influential and well known, as was Dr.
A letter written in 1924 by future AAPA secretary Tom Lacey to Garvey's wife, Amy Jaques Garvey, delivers conclusive evidence of Aboriginal involvement with the Sydney UNIA branch.
The labour unions have long resisted any relaxation of the rules and indeed Unia, the largest trade union in Switzerland and responsible for the service sector, believes that opening times are already too liberal.
Told in an assortment of short stories, Unia Elorriaga's narrative is expertly translated from the original Basque by Amaia Gabantxo, bringing this beautiful piece of fiction to the world stage.
Despues de que terminara la dictadura militar en Argentina, Lorenza y Ramon se dan cuenta de que era el horror de las batallas en contra de los militares lo que los unia.
Por otra parte, y en relacion con el escenario local, Universitas Humanistica se unia a los inicios de las carreras de Antropologia y Sociologia de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
Alessandro Pelizzari, regional secretary of the trade union Unia, said ordinary workers deserved government handouts.
At the outset of the UNIA, a major objective was to establish in Jamaica a school very much like the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama of his hero, Booker T.

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