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a one-wheeled vehicle driven by pedals, esp one used in a circus, etc. Also called: monocycle
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What does it mean when you dream about a unicycle?

If riding high on a large single wheel, the dreamer may be totally in control and exercising authority in both personal and business matters, appearing to be the “big wheel” in these arenas. If, however, the dreamer’s ride seems precarious and unstable, going it alone may not be the wisest strategy with respect to some situation.

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Organiser, Angela Creighton said: "The event has a varied programme to deliver to loads of people, the unicycle juggler is a bit unusual."
If you're planning to buy someone a hoverboard or electric unicycle for Christmas, then you should knowwhat the law saysabout them.
Then I noticed a new design on unicycles.com which was a 36 inch wheel with a seat that extended from just above the wheel.
San Diego, CA, February 15, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Solowheel Brush, a new tool that will ease the learning curve for first-time electric unicycle riders, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.
"It's played five-a-side," said Lloyd Balch, goal-scorer for Cardiff Unicycle Hockey.
Thus was born the "Refuge Ride." The two decided to span the country on 36-inch unicycles - Katie took up the activity after they were married - to bring attention to the Syrians.
The 14-year-old was snapped by a Gazette photographer making his way to Bishopsgarth School on a 36-inch road unicycle.
The Bicymple resembles a unicycle, but with the addition of a front wheel, a frame, and handlebars.
The British unicycle trials and street unicycle competition are coming to the North East for the first time next month.
The school's Parents' Association has paid for 10 unicycles.
Carl Richardson, of Conwy, and Jim Williams, of Llandudno Junction, will make the gruelling 120-mile ride on their unicycles.