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Unification Church,

church founded (1954) in South Korea by Sun Myung MoonMoon, Sun Myung
, 1920–2012, South Korean religious leader. He was an engineering student in Japan and a dockworker before founding (1954) the Unification Church with a doctrine loosely based on Christianity as interpreted by Moon, who declared (2004) himself the "Messiah.
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; officially the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification for World Christianity. Moon moved to the United States in 1971. He and his wife, Hak Ja Han, are seen by followers as "True Parents." He claimed to have communicated with Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the Buddha in his spiritual search, and declared himself (2004) the "Messiah." In church doctrine, marriage was a key part of achieving salvation. Moon matched his followers with mates and performed mass weddings, the church's most important ritual. The couples were then expected to produce sinless children. The church's headquarters are located in New York City. In 1995 the church reported 50,000 U.S. followers, 3 million worldwide, but historians of religion estimated a much lower number of members.


See studies by D. Bromley and A. D. Shupe, Jr. (1979) and E. Barker (1984).

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Rejected by Korean Protestant churches, he founded the Unification Church in 1954 -- a year after the Korean War.
Moon died on Monday at a church-owned hospital near his home in Gapyeong County, northeast of Seoul, two weeks after being hospitalized with pneumonia, Unification Church spokesperson Ahn Ho-yeul said.
Born in 1920 in Jeongju in what is today North Korea, he graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo in 1943 and founded the Unification Church in 1954.
Moon, 88, set up the Unification Church in 1954, styling himself as the new Messiah.
At the time, he was also reported to be living with Maria Sung, a South Korean woman he married in 2001 at a Unification Church ceremony, but from whom he separated after three months, following pressure from the Vatican.
A look at what happened to members of the Unification Church who participated in a mass wedding.
They were all members of the Unification Church, otherwise known as Moonies because of their allegiance to the Rev Sun Myung Moon.
Since 2003, the group has organized competitions every two years for athletes from different countries and religions at the Sun Moon University campus in Asan, founded by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon.
The beginning of the book briefly describes ten groups, including such notables as the Raelian Movement, Soka Gakkai, The Family, Osho, ISKCON, Church Universal and Triumphant, Brama Kumaris, Scientology, and the Unification Church.
The Government has banned the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Unification Church.
37) Even though numerous heretic sects and disputes could be mentioned in Korean church history, Moon's Unification Church and Park's Jundo-gwan were the most typical and well-known examples among them.
In the material world, however, the flourishing relationship between the Unification Church and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea raises difficult questions for the conservative Republicans who have built The Washington Times with Moon's billions--and about the extent to which he, his aides, and his front organizations, including his daily newspaper, have collaborated with the North Korean dictatorship.