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A family of subsets of the direct product of a topological space with itself that is used to derive a uniform topology for the space. Also known as uniform structure.
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The state of being identical, homogeneous, or regular.
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A uniform design or pattern. In the computer field, consistency is not generally a design criterion. While there is always a certain amount of backward compatibility, the tendency with professionals in this field is to create something new and different. Over the years, this has resulted in countless different file formats, menu hierarchies and user interfaces that drive people crazy. See NIH syndrome.
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Do we need uniformity to lower the standards of some private institutions and make these at par with the government institutions?
Haryana Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu said it was decided in the meeting that an effort should be made to bring uniformity in VAT rates on petrol and diesel in order to provide relief to consumers.
Is uniformity about one curriculum, one set of books, one examination, and/or one language as the medium of instruction?
Valley Forge Towers Apartments (Valley Forge) filed a complaint and sought declaratory and injunctive relief against the School District, asserting that the district had violated the Uniformity Clause by systematically appealing only assessments of commercial properties.
Standard deviation is a useful measure of ballistic uniformity. It tells something about the case we are using (it's hard to get good ballistic uniformity in cases with thin, weak necks and cases with unusually small capacity).
The MTC's uniformity committee will decide whether to open a new project at its next meeting in March.
Interaction of the operating speeds and amounts of water showed positive effect, whereas S3 showed higher values of coefficient uniformity and distribution uniformity (%) efficiencies with W2 and W1, respectively.
Most of the nine chapters examine the failure of the Act of Uniformity and the emergence or continuation of nonconformity.
In high value markets, buyers prefer uniformity of Brix level in each consignment, he said.
Knowledges of water application uniformity is indispensable for sprinkler irrigation systems to provide the amount of water demanded by the crop (Mateos, 1998; Prado et al., 2008).
The samples are then compressed and tested for content uniformity. Repeating the procedure for various time periods will determine at which time point segregation causes the content uniformity to go beyond acceptable limits and thus, which formulation is the most robust with respect to segregation potential.
Using liquid light guide coupling, the LED delivers broad-spectrum optical power with enhanced field uniformity at the specimen level via manual, personal computer (PC) and TTL control.