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in mathematics, the representation of a multiple-valued analytic function in terms of single-valued analytic functions of a parameter. For example, the two-valued function defined by the equation z2 + w2 = 1 can be uniformized by means of the pair of single-valued functions of the parameter t:

or the pair

z = sin t, w = cos t

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In particular, one can describe explicitly the hyperbolic geometry of such surfaces and one can compute scalar field trajectories on ([summation], G) by determining trajectories of an appropriate lift of the model to the Poincare half plane H and projecting them to [D.sup.*] or to A(R) through the uniformization map.
(15) have pointed out how fundamental it is to standardize the portions offered in school meals for students enrolled at education institutions according to the different age ranges (children and teenagers) and considered, after their study, which took place in the city of Lavras-MG, that such uniformization is far from the reality of school feeding.
"Comparative legal studies are best regarded as the hermeneutic explication and mediation of different forms of legal experience within a descriptive and critical metalanguage...Comparison must not have a unifying but a multiplying effect: it must aim to organize the diversity of discourses around different (cultural) forms and counter the tendency of the mind toward uniformization...
By combining both eastern and western values and norms, EU and China will experience another phase of globalization but will also offer an example of responsiveness without a forced "uniformization" of which sceptical voices are so frightened.
Robbin, The Uniformization Theorem, http://www.math.wise.edu/~robbin/951dir/ uniformization.pdf.
Then, a method for histogram uniformization of greyscale images integrated with a full encryption mechanism was developed in [17].
We used uniformization to simulate the queueing system (based on the balance equations) and generated [10.sup.8] samples, for each simulation point.
It is a well-known paradox of globalization that while it has led to increasing uniformization of social life around the world, it has also lead to its increasing fragmentation--that is, to the emergence of specialized and relatively autonomous spheres of social action and structure".
To further support our argument, our final example draws on the Uniformization Theorem, a major turning point in the early development of topology.
The purchasing process instituted by FAR, just as the Brazilian Tendering Law, establishes general principles which must be observed when contracts are made, covering procedure uniformization, low cost, quality and punctuality, administrative operational cost minimization, carrying out business with integrity, fairness and openness and compliance with other public policy objectives.